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(Sexy?lil Redz, #Hot ? Hot?Hot?, #Fantasy Rub # (208)390-XXXX


2022/09/27 01:49:35 GMT09/26/2022 2022/09/27 01:49:35 GMT09/26/2022

(Sexy?lil Redz, #Hot ? Hot?Hot?, #Fantasy Rub # (208)390-1803

(Sexy?lil Redz, #Hot ? Hot?Hot?, #Fantasy Rub # (208)390-1803 (Sexy?lil Redz, #Hot ? Hot?Hot?, #Fantasy Rub # (208)390-1803 (Sexy?lil Redz, #Hot ? Hot?Hot?, #Fantasy Rub # (208)390-1803 (Sexy?lil Redz, #Hot ? Hot?Hot?, #Fantasy Rub # (208)390-1803 (Sexy?lil Redz, #Hot ? Hot?Hot?, #Fantasy Rub # (208)390-1803 (Sexy?lil Redz, #Hot ? Hot?Hot?, #Fantasy Rub # (208)390-1803



Hi Boyz. It's your lucky day! I'm here to save the world,(or at the very least, save your sanity) one Fantasy Rub at a time!

Please bear in mind that this is my job. This is how I make the money I need to pay my bills, so please do not text me just to waste my time.

Hi there, I'm Redz. I am a 40 year old wildcard from the Styx of Rural Alaska. I am a very talented amateur massage therapist with a sexy little twist. I have taken all of my best skills and combined them with my wonderfully Electric Sexual Vibe, and my natural ability to heal with my touch,  to create and perfect what I call the Fantasy Rub Experience, and it is guaranteed to blow ?️ your mind. (Among other things if you are lucky).

I am very approachable, and have a knack for being able to make even the shiest of people feel comfortable with me and with themselves while we are together. I am super adaptable so conversation and very close physical proximity with new people are easy to comfortably initiate, and in most cases, the flow of the dreamy, sexy vibe I project, is very smooth and sexy since it comes naturally rather than being faked or forced.

I am a very loving, compassionate woman, which is the driving force behind my ability to easily, comfortably connect, physically, mentally, and even spiritually in some cases, with anyone willing and able to accept the connection. It's this ability to genuinely connect, that enables me to provide the most epically relaxing, naturally healing, sexually stimulating, fully satisfying body rub you will ever experience. I do not provide a service. What I provide, is a Genuine Experience, with a Genuine, Passionate Woman, with YOU, and only YOU, at the center of my universe when we are together. I will make you feel special, and sexy, and important. I will relax and rejuvenate your body, and leave you satisfied on a level you may not expect since most people never even realize this level of satisfaction is even possible, since they've never experienced it firsthand. . I will make you forget all your worries and when we are together, you will feel like you are the only man on the planet who matters or even exists. (even if only for an hour)  So if you want me to ?️ your mind, set an appointment soon.

For those of you who are curious about exactly what a Fantasy Rub is all about, I have included a short description.

Picture this: You.... Lying facedown upon my bed, naked of course, with me, wearing as much or as little as I feel like wearing at the time, erotically spreading my oils on your skin before slowly, deliberately, beginning to massage all of your aches and pains away. I will start by massaging your neck shoulders and arms gently at first, gradually applying more pressure as needed. I will then work my way down both sides of your back and down your spine before working my way down and around both hips and buttocks, and then down the back and outside of both legs. The massage is slow and deliberate in order to achieve maximum benefit. When I reach your ankles, the entire Vibe abruptly changes from therapeutic to sensual as I gently trail my fingertips of the inside of both legs. I  will then slide my self up your body and use my body to massage and entice you before I begin to trail fluttery little kisses across the back of your shoulders, up the side of your neck, and when I reach your earlobe I will nibble so gently that it will feel like a shiver to you as I whisper into your ear "would you like to roll over now?" Feel free to mentally fill in the rest of the details for yourself and afterwards, be sure to tell me how close I came to fulfilling your Fantasy Rub.

Don't forget to mention you found me on!

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Category: Female Escorts

Location: Boulder, Colorado

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Age: 40

Phone: 208-390-xxxx click to view

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Escort (208)390-1803Hi Boyz. It's your lucky day! I'm here to save the world,(or at the very least, save your sanity) one Fantasy Rub at a time!Ple... Female Escorts Boulder, Colorado, United States