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Sissy Training Adventure – New Sissy Sluts Wanted for Mistress Quinn

Here's my open invitation to audition to become my newest sissy slut for my next sissy training adventure. You think you got what it takes? Give me a call and you could be the next sissy who I will grace with my presence!

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8. May 2024
Sissy Training Adventure – New Sissy Sluts Wanted for Mistress Quinn

As I looked at my new sissy slave, all dressed up in the sluttiest outfit I could find, I felt a surge of excitement.


On this adventure, I would take my sissy slut to the sex club and show him off to the world on a sissy training adventure. Stepping into the club, I could feel all eyes on us. My sissy trembled with anticipation, knowing what was to come. I led him to the center of the room, where I could parade him around like the little slut he was.

Walking around the club, I could see the hunger in the eyes of the men watching us. They knew what I wanted, and they were more than willing to give it to me. I could feel my own desire building as I imagined my sissy on his knees, servicing them all.

Making our way to the back room where all the fun of my sissy training adventure would happen, I pushed my sissy to his knees and gestured for the nearest man to come over. Without hesitation, he unzipped his pants and presented his cock to my sissy.

He took them all, his need for cock was insatiable.

Instantly, with a hunger that surprised even me, my sissy eagerly took him into his mouth, sucking him with a desperate need. I watched, feeling a sense of power and arousal like never before. One by one, more men approached, eager to experience my sissy’s hungry mouth.

As I looked around, I could see the pleasure on their faces as my sissy serviced them. His skilled mouth working tirelessly to please each of them. I felt a sense of pride knowing that I had trained him so well for this sissy training adventure.

As the night wore on, my sissy’s hunger only grew. He begged for more, his eyes pleading with me to let him continue. I knew then that my sissy was truly mine, body and soul.

I was so proud of my greedy sissy slut!

Finally, as the last man finished, I led my sissy away. His body was trembling with exhaustion and pleasure. I knew that this was only the beginning of his training, and I couldn’t wait to see what other sexy delights awaited us.

As we arrived home, and I could see the excitement still burning in my sissy’s eyes. I decided to reward him for being such a good slut on our sissy training adventure. I led him to the bedroom, where I had laid out a selection of toys for him to enjoy.

Naturally, I watched as he eagerly picked out a dildo, his eyes alight with anticipation. I instructed him to lay back on the bed and spread his legs wide. I teased him with the dildo, running it along his thighs and over his cock.

He was begging for more of this sissy training adventure.

Afterwards, I pushed the dildo into him, watching as he moaned with pleasure. I could see the ecstasy on his face as I fucked him with the toy, his body writhing with delight.

Undoubtedly, I knew then that my sissy was truly mine, body and soul. And as he came with a shuddering climax, I knew that this was only the beginning of our adventures together.

Are you ready for your own sissy training adventure? Call me and let’s begin our training today!

I’m Only A Phone Call Away!!
I can’t wait to train you – I’ll have my toys ready for you!!
* No Limits * No Taboos * Open To Everything *
Phone Sex with Me Will BLOW your Mind!

Call Quinn 1-888-893-6396

Talk to you soon...

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