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Silly Slime Jerking: It Was So Messy

Silly Slime Jerking gets naughty when a girl invites a guy over to get naughty with her. She then uses silly slime to jerk him off.

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6. Jun 2024
Silly Slime Jerking: It Was So Messy

But The Question Is Who Would Let Me Try Some Silly Slime-Jerking Fun?


There, I was in my room all by myself and thinking, about such bad things. You all know, I come up with some dirty fun things; I always get into trouble. Honestly, I was thinking about trying something new for one of my boy toys. But the question is who would let me try some silly slime-jerking fun? I wanted to make homemade slime and play with a guy with it.

See I had a fascination with slime. I loved how slimy and messy it was. To be honest, I have rubbed slime up and down all over myself. I have played with my pussy with it too. It always makes me think that a guy would love it just as much as me. I thought about my friend Travis. He loved when I teased and jerked his cock. I bet he would let me tease and play with him with the slime. This was about to be some silly slime-jerking fun. Hurrying up, I texted Travis and told him to come over, I wanted and needed to play with him.

It was about 5 minutes then I got a text from Travis saying he was already on his way to my house. I was already in the kitchen making my gooey pink slime. That's right, I was making sparkling pink slime to rub on his cock. This was going to be so much fun. I added the glue to it and made it more sparking and slimy. I couldn't help myself, I was now playing in the slime and rubbing it all over my hands waiting for Travis to get here.

After That, I Grabbed The Bowl Of Slime And Placed It On The Kitchen Table


I was in the mood to tease and get messy with Travis. Honestly,  I couldn't wait for this silly slime-jerking fun. I pushed my whole hand into the bowl and rubbed that slime between my fingers making it get all slimy. It felt amazing and so warm ready to play with this stud. Next,  I  went over washed my hands, and got ready for this stud. Next, I stripped off all my clothes and threw them to the floor. After that, I grabbed the bowl of slime and placed it on the kitchen table, so I could grab it for us to play with easily.

Quickly I headed for the door, I knew he should pulling up soon. As soon as I got to the door, he was right in front of my house. Jumping out of his truck he came running up to me, kissed me, and then grabbed me up into his arms. It had been so long since I played with Travis and, he missed me so much. You could tell by him kissing me and holding me tight close to his body. Gently, I wrapped my legs around him as he carried me in his arms inside. Gently I was kissing his neck and teasing him. Leaning into his ear I  whispered that I wanted to jerk him off so bad! I missed the way my hands felt around his cock.

I Would Milk That Cock With His Silly Slime-Jerking Fun


Travis had such a nice cock to jerk off. That big huge mushroom head always needed to be teased like this. He needed some silly slime jerking but he didn't know it yet. I told him to bring me to the kitchen. He then went over to the edge of the counter and placed my ass on it. He then kissed my neck and nibbled on it. Travis then kissed her and teased my neck getting lower as he kissed. His mouth felt so warm when he pressed it against my nipples. That made my nipples rock hard and poking out.

I was getting so turned and I could tell he was too. Quickly, I told him why not go ahead and kiss me lower Travis. Without hesitation, he dove right down to my perfect pussy. He didn't know I was going to give him some silly slime-jerking next. This was such a fetish sex story! 

Pressing my hands deep into his head, I made him eat that sweet pussy until my juices would drench his face. I wanted to fill his mouth with my squinting cum and then tease the fuck out of him. I  made him eat that pussy making my juices glisten on his face. Next, I told him to lay back it was time to tease the hell out of him. This silly slime-jerking was going to make him blow.

I Would Milk That Cock With His Silly Slime-Jerking Fun


Slowly, I grabbed a hold of the bowl of slime and brought it to him. Without even stopping me he let me stick my hand into the bowl and pull out some slime. After that, I placed my slimy hand against his cock. He said oh my that feels good. Gently I bumped up the speed. Next, I was using silly slime jerking to make that cock rock hard. I rubbed my hands up and down that cock. The more I touched his cock the more the slime filled his cock.

This silly slime-jerking was going to make him explode. He told me how much he loved me jerking him and teasing that cock the way I do. Not resisting I then bumped up the speed of my hands. I was jerking that cock now moving my hands faster up and down that cock. I would milk that cock with his silly slime-jerking fun.

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