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Secret True Confession: I Have To Confess!

Secret True Confession gets so naughty when I explain my first time making myself cum. I then talk about using a teddy bear's fur to get off!

My Slutty Confessions
28. Mar 2024
Secret True Confession: I Have To Confess!

This Secret True Confession Makes Me So Wet Just Thinking About It


I have been thinking a lot about the first time I had ever played with myself, and how good it felt. Believe me, it was filthy and it involved a teddy bear! That's right I used the fur to tease myself. This secret true confession makes me so wet just thinking about it. Hold On, It's about to get nasty!

It started when I was little. Honestly,  I was about knee-high, A short stack. I was starting to explore my little body at this age. Honestly, I loved at this time to just touch myself and tease myself. I had never cummed before this. But this time, I would I just didn't know it yet. There I was sitting on my floor. I was in a tiny pink lace dress that barely covered my bottom. Also wearing some white flower cotton panties under it. I was sitting there playing with my teddy bears. I was having a little tea party to be honest with you.

As I sat there I started to get bored just playing with them. Thinking I should do something else more fun. I thought about the tingles I had given myself before. Quickly, I then started to make my cotton panties wet. I thought about how good and fun it would be to play with myself. This secret true confession is about to get so extreme!  Then sitting back on the floor. Gently I took my little hands and placed them on my panty-covered pussy lips. Gently I rubbed and made myself so wet!


I Then Sat Up And Grabbed My Teddy Bear


I wanted to keep playing with myself. Dripping now,  I was making myself have so many tingles coming over my whole body. Quickly, I then looked over at my teddy bears just sitting there. Honestly, I had never rubbed myself with anything but my fingers before this. I started to wonder what the teddy bear's soft fur would feel like. After that, I then sat up and grabbed my teddy bear. Quickly, I then rubbed my hands across his fur which felt like velvet under my hands. That made me so wet thinking about how it would make my pussy feel. This secret true confession was about to heat up now.

I couldn't take it I wanted to feel this soft fur on myself. Honestly, I wanted to feel so good. After that. I then stood up and then slowly pulled at my cotton panties throwing them across the floor. Next, I was beyond ready to feel this fur. I then lay back on my bed with my teddy bear with me. Gently, I brought the teddy bear to my little pussy lips. After that,  I then slowly rubbed that soft fur against my clit. The soft fur brushing against my clit felt so good. I had never felt like this. I was exploring my body and it felt so good. This secret true confession made me cum for the first time.

Rubbing more and teasing my clit felt amazing with the teddy bear. I wanted to keep rubbing myself. The tingles were coming all across me now. Honestly, I had never felt this good before. I wanted to keep going and see what happened.


This Secret True Confession Tells All

Next, I started to think about what else I could do with this teddy bear. I thought while pushing that teddy up and down my clit. Quickly, I then sat up and laid the teddy bear down on the bed. It was time to make myself feel amazing. This was a female sex confession fun.

I moved my body where I was hovering above this teddy bear. This was about to get extreme. This secret true confession tells all. Quickly,  I then lowered my tiny body onto the teddy bear. Rubbing my clit against the teddy bear's fur felt epic. I then started to move myself back and forth on this teddy bear. Honestly,  I couldn't stop now! I had to experiment and see what would happen. I moved myself back and forth. Not knowing I was humping a teddy bear now. I was making myself feel so good.

Quickly, I wanted to move my hips more. It was coming so naturally now. I was going to make myself cum for the first time. This secret true confession no one knows about! I thought it was time to let you all know about how dirty I have always been! I couldn't stop myself! Honestly, I was about to cum and squirt on this teddy bear. I moved my hips back and forth so fast that it was getting wet with all my juices. I was covering this teddy bear with my juices. From now on all I wanted to do was hump teddy bears! That is until I tasted a cock for the first time!

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