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Poison Ivy Sex: This Cosplay Was Epic!

Poison Ivy Sex gets nasty when a girl goes to a party. She dresses like poison ivy and wants to find her dirty villain they will get nasty.

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20. Jun 2024
Poison Ivy Sex: This Cosplay Was Epic!

This Poison Ivy Sex Would Be Epic With Two Guys!


Tonight I was going to a costume party kegger that one of my friends was throwing. The theme was Batman tonight so everyone had to dress up like different characters that were in Batman. I decided to go as poison ivy. Honestly, I had the hottest-looking costume. I planned on going and getting tipsy and having so much fun! This poison ivy sex would be epic with two guys!

We all know that I am dirty but what I craved in the bedroom was extreme and naughty! Honestly, you had to give it to me right if you wanted to fuck me again. I was going to a party where I only knew one person. I had plenty of time to get naughty with someone there tonight! Honestly, I didn't plan on so many guys wanting to fuck me. This poison ivy sex would blow their minds!

Quickly, I walked into the party. As I walked in I could tell my costume was a big hit. I looked like a dirty slut as poison ivy. Slowly, I walked over to the drink table and grabbed a solo cup filled with something red. After that, I moved to the dance floor where everyone was dancing and having a good time. Next, I looked around and saw so many Batmans. Did none of the guys dress like anything but Batman? See I loved villains and was looking for a few of them. I walked into the kitchen and saw two villains that caught my eye. I walked and swayed my poison ivy hips as I walked over to Joker and Riddler. Those were two of my favorite villains. After that, I  came over and started my flirting ways. Not like they could resist me.

They Looked Right At Each Other And Said Dibs

Slowly, I placed my hand across Joker's chest while talking about his muscles' strength. That put a smile on his face. I wanted them both. They were so hot in the costumes and I couldn't help myself. Why should I settle for just one? I decided then that I would have them both tonight. Honestly,  I need some hot poison ivy sex. After that, I let my hand slide down and right to their crotch and gave it a gentle squeeze letting them know I wanted that cock. I wanted them both to know I was wanting them now! They looked right at each other and said dibs. That made me laugh. They both wanted me so bad that they would fight over me. That's not at all what I wanted.

I told them about wanting them both and that we should have fun. I grabbed both of their hands at the same time. Quickly, I led them down to the back room. After that, I gently pushed them into the room. After that, I hurried up and locked the door. Gently taking off my clothes I wanted them both to see how hot my tight body was. That made both their jaws drop instantly. This erotic poison ivy sex would blow their minds! This cosplay party would get dirty with me here. It was like a private comic con sex.

This Wild Coed Poison Ivy Sex Was Getting Nasty Now

Next, I dropped to my knees and crawled over to them. After that, I told them I wanted to suck their cocks. That made them both want me. I placed my hands into Joker's pants and pulled them down, I did it to the Riddler next. Honestly, I wanted to see both their cocks. As I watched their cocks pop out, I could tell they wanted me so bad. Grabbing ahold of their cocks I pulled at them both. After that, I slowly jerked and teased both their cocks at the same time. Gently pulling them and moving that skin over their cocks heads. Honestly, I was making both their cocks so freaking hard. It was making me want to taste them so bad! I wanted to be there dirty cum slut Ivy for the night! This wild coed poison ivy sex was getting nasty now.

Not being able to resist I leaned down and began to kiss just the tips of their cock head. I loved teasing cocks heads and loved making them flare as they were hard as fuck. This poison ivy sex would make their cocks want way more. I then took both their cock heads and placed them into my mouth. Next, I was sucking both their cocks into my tight wet mouth. They would blow down my throat at the cosplay party. I was in the mood to take their load down my throat. I started to push one cock down my throat while the other jerked off. Honestly, I wanted to be coated and covered in cum.

Love intense ad wild two cocks fun? Let me take care of you right now and have some nasty fun!

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