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Online Dating Adventure: He Bit Off More Then He Could Chew

Online Dating Adventure gets naughty when a girl picks out a new boyfriend and hears his car pull up. They then get nasty in it.

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30. May 2024
Online Dating Adventure: He Bit Off More Then He Could Chew

I Will Try This Online Dating Adventure Soon


Today I decided after school got out that I would try the online dating adventure of a lifetime. Quickly, I started a profile and made sure that I took some really hot pics for my profile. After posting it I waited about 5 mins and had about 34 guys that wanted to "connect". I was not the kind of girl that would be nice and sweet either. These guys didn't know it yet! Honestly, I love being a cum slut and guys can't keep up with it. I will try this online dating adventure soon.

I looked over the guys swapping yes or no. I looked at each one of the guys until I picked the guy who sounded like he would be a good fit for me to play with. He was tall and had long jet-black hair. I then saw his pics and there were a lot of his shirts off and damn this guy looked like he would fuck this pussy the way it needed to be fucked. This online dating adventure would get nasty. After that, I told him my address and he came on over. Honestly, I was the kind of girl that wanted to fuck and that let me if I would date them.

I then went and put on my cute white see-through robe and went and sat outside on my front porch to meet him. After about 30 minutes, I waited with my legs spread open. After that, I was letting the chill nice breeze hit my sweet little pussy lips. The outdoors was my favorite to sit back on my porch and let the air blow all over my body. It was starting to make me already wet!

He Was Getting Fired Up Listening To Me About The Motor


Why not start playing with myself and,  get me all horny for this online dating adventure. Honestly, I was already in such a horny mood and needed a new boyfriend. We would see if this guy would be the one. After that, I saw the lights of his hot rod, pull up my drive. He had a Dodge Charger and I love Chevys! This dirty online dating adventure would be something for the books! This was a female sex confession.

I wanted to get nasty with this hot stud in his Chevy hot rod. Quickly, I came running up to the car. He then rolled the window down and looked at me up and down. Honestly, he was looking at me like a rib-eye steak, and he would bite into this meat quickly. Next, I came over to the window to talk about his car. He then was getting fired up listening to me about the motor and, how badly I love the sound of their motors.

With a hot surprised look on his face he said wanna hear the motor, Maddie? Fuck yes, I do let me get in on the passenger side. Quickly,  I went over and looked at her beautiful curves of her. I loved the way Chevy's looked like sexy ass women to me. Honestly, I was getting wet just sliding my hands down her curves. Jumping quickly into his car I then shut his door. He then looked over to my bright-ass pink Chevy 1500 and said Damn Maddie your truck is clean as fuck. Quickly, I told him she had a big block engine in her too. That put a hot smile on his face. Todd then turned on the engine and let it purr. That made me pussy drip so much.


He Would Remember This Online Dating Adventure Or Life!


I couldn't just sit here, and listen to his engine purring like that. Quickly, I placed my hand on the crotch of his jeans. After that,  I  squeezed his cock hard. That made his foot slip and made the car rev up so much. That sent me into horny as fuck for this online dating adventure. I then pulled out his cock and wrapped my hands around his cock. Next, I gently rubbed and teased his mushroom head. Todd had a grower cock. I loved growers that meant I didn't know how hard his cock would get. It would be a surprise just for me. Leaning down, I slapped my mouth with his cock. After that, I then popped his cock into my sweet wet mouth.

This online dating adventure would blow this Stud's mind. It had been so long since he dated a girl he said with my mouth wrapped around his cock. That just meant I would suck him off and get that first load down my throat. We would go inside and he would please this pussy next. After that, I started to suck his cock down my throat gagging on it more. Gently, I was gagging and gasping for breaths on his cock. He was at least 10 inches fully hard. Next, I t gagged harder as he grabbed the back of my head pushing me down his cock. I was balls deep on his big thick cock now.

His cock head was throbbing so much. His cock was going to ooze and cum big in my dirty little throat. He would remember this online dating adventure for life!

Love intense and wild girlfriend experience teasing phone sex? Try Me out you will love the filthy mouth of mine.

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