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Favorite Fuck Toy: Chris Always Knows!

Favorite Fuck Toy gets a kinky girl and tells everyone about her dirty friend. This fuck toy then gets dirty while the wife is getting fucked by BBC.

My Slutty Confessions
6. Jul 2024
Favorite Fuck Toy: Chris Always Knows!

I Couldn't Help But Tell You All About My Favorite Fuck Toy


One of my fuck toy boys wanted me to tell you all about him and what I get to do to him. I love getting to take control and being bad with this one. First off his name is Chris and he is such a sensual teasing fuck toy. My favorite part about him was that his wife always had him tied up and waiting for me. Thats right Chris's wife knew all about me and what I did to him. I couldn't help but tell you all about my favorite fuck toy.

He was a guy who let me do whatever I wanted but in such a kinky sensual way. I love it when I get to kiss and tease him. Honestly, I loved how naughty we always got to be. Today I was dressed so cute for him. I had on some black sheer panties heels with matching black bra and panties. I was beautiful From head to toe and knew he would have some of what I had! He always did after all. My favorite fuck toy Chris was always my favorite way to have fun and take control. Today he would be under my control.


Quickly, I Leaned In And Kissed His Lips

I would make him blow so big when I was done with him. He was my favorite fuck toy and he knew this. I walked into the room where he was. He had a huge smile on his face. Chris knew what I was going to do to him. I approached him to see how he was tied up for me today. This favorite fuck toy was tied up and even butt-naked for me. Honestly, I loved when he was like this to his wife.

He knew he would hear his wife in the next room over. She had to please her BBC Stud. I could tell that there was a guy there too. There was talking in the bedroom next to us we could hear them talking. I leaned into my fuck toy's ear and whispered to him that I wanted to play with him. Quickly, I leaned in and kissed his lips. I made out with him kissing him more passionately than I had ever done to him.

Leaning back up, I told him listen do you hear that? I made him listen hard and hearing his wife giggling and then starting to choke. After that, I told him that I bet she was getting some cock down her throat. Listen to your wife take that cock. You know she is amazing at sucking and gagging on a cock. That made my favorite fuck toy's cock get rock hard. I saw it as it stood straight up. I also knew how to make that cock dance with excitement for me. Quickly, I asked him if he wanted to eat my tight wet pussy? That made him start to beg for it. His wife was getting some BBC stranger fun.


My Favorite Fuck Toy Breathed Me In Deeply

After that, I told him to come on baby! You know you have to be a good boy for me. I got right on top of his chest with my ass in his face. Next, I told him to go ahead and take a sniff and be a good boy for me. My favorite fuck toy breathed me in deeply and said I smelt like peaches. Pulling my panties to the side I let him see my nice smooth clit. I placed that clit and pussy hole up to his mouth. Chris was my favorite fuck toy and he knew it!

Quickly, I made him eat my tight pussy. After that, his face was all messy with my juices. You could see my juices glistening all over his face. Gently I grabbed ahold of his cock and slowly started jerking it. He was so happy that his cock let out a bit of pre-cum for me. My favorite fuck toy was not expecting this! But he would not complain he would be good and let me tease and please him. I told him to listen to his wife again. Hear how she moans and takes that BBC. I knew that was turning him on so much. His cock was dancing right in my hands now.


I Love My Favorite Fuck Toy

Gently I rubbed my hands up and down his hard cock. Smoothly I was rubbing his pre-cum into his cock head as I jerked it off. Chris was going to blow so big from eating my tight pussy and listening to his wife. I love my favorite fuck toy. I loved how nasty and sensual he was. And I would let him blow so big today!

Love intense and wild cuckolding and teasing fun! Chris loves it, you will too! Come be nasty!

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