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Edging Ball Teasing: I Made Him Edge All Night!

Edging Ball Teasing gets naughty when a girl goes over to a friend's house. She helps him fix his truck and he repays her with fun.

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22. Jun 2024
Edging Ball Teasing: I Made Him Edge All Night!

Tonight, I Wanted To Give Him Some Edging Ball Teasing Fun


I was in that kind of mood to just take control and be naughty! Honestly, I had this thought about just edging and edging a guy. I loved getting guys to do whatever I wanted and tonight I would be extra naughty! Next, I thought of all the guys I wanted to play with and get nasty with. There was one guy that I knew would love how the edging would feel. Thomas was so much fun to play with. Tonight I wanted to give him some edging ball teasing fun.

Quickly, I just went over to his house. I loved just showing up on him. I could catch him by surprise and get naughty quickly with him. As soon as I pulled up the driveway, I saw him outside working on his truck. This would be the best time to tease him. Dressed so cute, I had my daisy dukes and a tiny tank top. I was going to get dirty and greasy. This would be epic outside fun with him. Quickly, I got out of my truck and ran up to him. After that,  I placed my hand on his back and slightly touched him. He jumped up and then hurried up and turned around.

He Then Grabbed Tight At His Balls

After that, I told him to let me help with this truck. Quickly, I grabbed a wrench and came to the truck. I then bent over the hood and down into the truck. Honestly, I knew I would grease all over me but I didn't care at this point. I just wanted to tease him. Next,  I could feel him staring at my ass as it was perked into the air. I then felt his hand graze my ass and then slap it. That made me shake my butt at him. I loved spankings and he knew that.

Honestly, I wanted this edging ball teasing to be epic. I fixed the problem in his truck and told him to start up the engine. It started right up to his surprise. Thomas then said fuck yes Maddie you are the best. I told him it was time to repay me right? After that, I told him about how I wanted to edge and tease him. He then said fuck yes Maddie do whatever you want to me. That made me get a big smile on my face and start to giggle evilily. This is about to be the most epic edging ball teasing of his life. We were going to have some wild voyeurism sex.

After that, I told him that he was only allowed to touch his balls for me today. He had to cum from the ball touching. Next, I told him to get naked outside in front of his truck! He then took off his shirt and stripped off his pants fast. There he was right in front of me with his cock showing. I then told him to grab ahold of his balls and squeeze them. He then grabbed tight at his balls.

He Would Blow For Me With Just Edging Ball Teasing

This edging ball teasing was heating up now. Next, I told him to grab tightly onto his balls and squeeze them for me. Each time he squeezed his balls the more his cock started to stand straight up. I wanted that cock rock hard tonight! After that,  I wanted him to tease and edge his balls for me. I then began to tell Thomas that I owned his cock and his balls and the cum within. That put a huge smile on his face and made that cock of his jump with excitement. I told him to grab and tug at his balls. Honestly, I wanted him to tug them to the floor. I made him pull and tug teasing his balls for me. I heard the pain in his voice as he did everything I asked him to do.

As soon as I told him to hand off his cock I watched his cock jump back and forth. He was so turned on and needed to just edge that cock. I told him to rub and massage his balls right in front of me. He then wrapped his hands around his balls and rubbed them.

He Would Blow For Me With Just Edging Ball Teasing

I could tell that felt so good he was moaning loudly now for me. After that, I told him to slap his balls and then give them a tap for me. He slowly pulled his hand backward and then slapped hard against his cock head. That made some pre-cum ooze out the head of his cock. I was not done with this ball teasing fuck boy. I would tease and edge him all morning! He would blow for me with just edging ball teasing! This wild-edging ball teasing was so much fun!

Love playing with your balls and edging that cock? Let me take you to new limits and better explosive cum!

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