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Duct Taped Fuck Toy: I Tied Him Up!

Duct Taped Fuck Toy got so dirty when I grabbed duct tape at the store. I made my new fuck toy come over for epic teasing fun.

My Slutty Confessions
1. May 2024
Duct Taped Fuck Toy: I Tied Him Up!

I Was Needing To Do Some Duct-Taped Fuck Toy Fun


Last night I couldn't help myself, I was in one of those moods to take advantage of a guy! I wanted to take control and tease him the way I wanted. Honestly, I was already at the store looking for some things that would be fun to use on my new fuck toy Adam. I knew he had wanted to play with me for so long but I made him wait to tease him more. After that, I then went down the aisle that had duct tape. I then said Omg, like a light bulb in my head. I was needing to do some duct-taped fuck toy fun.

Quickly, I then paid for that and a new ball teasing toy. Next, I then called him up after I got into my truck. After one ring he picked up. He was so excited to play with me that he immediately agreed that I was in charge of him. Fuck boy then met me at my house. Adam was so excited that he was already there when I arrived. He then grabbed my bags and carried them all in for me. After that, I told him to look at what I got. His face turned all shades of red. Quietly, I whispered to him that I would use that duct tape on him. This was going to be such an epic duct-taped fuck toy fun.

This fuck boy needed some hot duct-taped fuck toy fun. Quickly, I grabbed a roll of the tape and grabbed his hand. I led him down the hallway to the basement where I could have my way with him. Being in this mood made me want to drain a cock.

I Tied His Hands Behind His Back So He Couldn't Stop The Teasing


He was nervous and was trembling badly as we walked down the stairs. Quickly, I flipped on the light so Adam could see how much fun I loved having. I let him walk around and look at my naughty basement. Adam went over to the milking table. I couldn't believe that was what he wanted to look at first.

Quickly,  I rushed over to that milking table. This duct-taped fuck toy was about to learn a quick lesson that my dark side was so mesmerizing. Stripping all his clothes off was easy. After that, I grabbed and ripped them right off. I then grabbed at his hands pushing him on the milking table. Next, I then used the duct tape to strap him in. I tied his hands behind his back so he couldn't stop the teasing I had in store for him.

Smoothly, I then went over to my dresser where I had all my oils and lubes in. After that, I looked and shuffled through them all. I found a warming and tingling lube, I would use this on my new fuck toy, Adam. Quickly, I then walked over to him leaned over to where my lips were right next to his ear, and whispered " Ready to be epically teased?" I was about to drive this fuck toy crazy!

This duct-taped fuck toy was going to learn my true dark taboo ways. Next, I then got under the milking table. I then grabbed the duct tape and wrapped up his balls so they would be nice and tight for me. It was time to get evil on him.

This Milking Duct-Taped Fuck Toy Would Be All Mine Now!


After that, I then grabbed his cock and pulled it through the milking table hole. Gently, I then placed my lips right at his cock head and gave it a couple of sweet teasing kisses. After that, I then took ahold of his cock head and started to rub it. Just touching was making this new toy hard as fuck. This was an extreme hand job tease. 

After a bit of milking and teasing hand job, I was ready to use this tingling oil and see what it does to this hard cock. I wanted to make him feel so good! This epic teasing was going to get him hard as fuck. My hands were dripping wet with this tingling lube. Quickly, I then slowly placed these smooth hands around his cock. Next, I then teased and rube his cock. I was making his cock need this kind of Dom way. This milking duct-taped fuck toy would be all mine now!

He was so into me milking him that I heard him let out so many moans. He was thanking me for teasing his cock. That's when the tingles took control of him. That made his cock head flare. He was going to give me that cum. I wanted it all over my face. Cover me and coat me with all your cum I yelled at him. I then counted down til he came. He blew so big when I got to one!

Love intense and wild duct taped fuck toy play? Let me take control of you!

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