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Comic Con Sex: I Got Bad All Weekend!

Comic Con Sex gets nasty when girl goes as Sailor Moon and see her favorite character off a game and gets bad with him

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1. Jun 2024
Comic Con Sex: I Got Bad All Weekend!

This Comic Con Sex Would Be Epic Tonight


It was the first Comic Con of the season for me. I loved getting to go and have so much fun there. Just had to tell you all about the naughty things I got to do! This Comic Con sex would be epic tonight. Me and my friends decided to go as Sailor Moon characters. Of course, I was going as the lead character Sailor Moon, and honestly, we all looked so good.

Next, we arrived at the hotel where we could get ready for Comic Con. We were all sharing a room which we always did when we went. Quickly, we turned on some music and started to get ready. Honestly, I loved how tight-fitting our costumes were. We knew with all of us looking this good, we would have so much fun! I couldn't wait to see everybody's costumes and see what cosplay they were this year. Next, I then slowly zipped up my boots that went up my thighs. We were all dressed as Sailor Scouts and looked so freaking cute. This Comic Con sex would be so raunchy.

We then started to sway our hips as we walked down the hallway. I saw so many people looking at us weirdly. Then some were looking at us like "What a snack". It was mostly StepDads and Older pervs. We didn't mind we loved all the looks as we walked together to the garage and headed to the Comic Con. It was so hot that we were already getting as many looks as we were. I loved wearing this blonde pigtail with the crown. My makeup was on point too. Looking in the mirror, I looked just like Sailor Moon!  Honestly, I knew there was a guy who would love that and want to get nasty with me.

I Looked So Good That I Had Some Orgs From Lord Of The Rings Looking At Me!


We soon arrived at the big building where Comic Con was. After that, we parked the car in the back lot and headed to the booths to get our passes. Next, we got our pics taken for the badge. I then sucked on my finger and swayed my ward for the pic. I looked so good that I had some Orgs from LOTR looking at me! This was just the beginning, I would get so many looks before I chose who I would get nasty with! This Comic Con sex had to make me dripping.

We then walked into the main area with all the booths that had free stuff. We looked so hot honestly as we walked up to our first booth. To my surprise, the first guy was playing one of my Final Fantasy characters. I couldn't believe it! I found my first fuck toy for this Comic Con sex. Quickly, I walked over to where he was standing and flirted with him. The girls saw that I had found my first fuck toy. He was dressed with someone I always fantasized about I couldn't help myself.

The girls went to the next booth and left me to this guy. He was showing off the new Final Fantasy game, I played and owned every single one. After that, I then let him show me a bit of the gameplay. As he started the game I could see him check out my tight-fit Sailor Moon body.

I Was Going To Have As Much Comic Con Sex As I Could This Whole Weekend!


Not resisting,  I told him I was amazing at this game. I  wanted to bet on the first three levels, I would beat ass. He looked surprised and asked, " You think so"? I told him that If I won I got to do anything I wanted to him! If I lost one level, I would have to do anything he asked me to do! That put a huge smile on his face. This Comic Con sex would be epic with this guy! He then handed me the remote and I started the first level. As I promised I beat that level in No time at all. He had a surprised look on his face. He told me no one had played with the version yet! I knew I would surprise the fuck out of this stranger when I passed the next level. This was going to be some wild voyeurism sex.

There was only one more level and I could see the sweat leaving his forehead. Next, I started to have people coming over to watch me kick this game's ass! Honestly,  I love being a dirty gamer girl that kicks asses. I was surprised by the next two levels to show off how I did things. Quickly, I then grabbed that guy's hand lead, him over to a photo booth, and then pulled out his cock. I was going to suck his cock right in the middle of Comic Con! His cock was hard when I pulled his thick hard cock out of his pants. Gently, I then slowly wrapped my cute little mouth around his cock and started to suck and tease this thick cock.

I Was Going To Have As Much Comic Con Sex As I Could This Whole Weekend!


Honestly, I loved getting what I wanted. This Final Fantasy guy would have his mind and cock blown at this Comic-Con. I was going to have as much Comic Con sex as I could this whole weekend! With as many guys as possible!

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