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Client Red Flags

Red Flags for escorts regarding booking in new clients

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31. Jul 2022
Client Red Flags


All business owners have client red flags. Things that prospective clients say or do that make you think, no thanks, this isn’t going to work.

As an Escort, when a client makes contact for the first time you ascertain if you wish to meet them or not.   You learn to tell from various things they say if the prospective client will turn out to be a timewaster, no-show, cheapskate, or a demeaning, demanding so-&-so

There are those phrases that guys say during the booking process where you just know that it’s going to be a headache and if you aren’t struggling to pay the bills this month, you will probably decline such a booking.

I am willing to pay

This is what a client says if they believe you should f9ck them for free.  The connotation is that you should be doing this for free but they are ‘willing to pay’ so you should feel bloody grateful.  

I can get the same for less with someone else 

If you get a price and it’s not within your budget there is no need to be rude.   If you can get it cheaper, off you go!

If an escort is out of your budget or a web developer charges $5000 for a custom website, that is the rate you need to pay.

If it’s not for you, move on.

I have the cash and can do it right now

Whilst some escorts take on ‘right now’ bookings, many do not as they require a deposit or screening which may take days so right now isn’t possible.

Web Development works the same but it’s a deposit, then discovery and generally, we can’t start right now as we have other clients.  I have listed our Website Development Process on Atlantic if you are interested in the steps from start to finish of developing a professional website.

Its been a bad month, I can give you half!

Sure let’s do that cause everyone likes to do their job for half price.

Sorry for the sarcasm but WTF? Nobody wants to give a 50% discount to a random stranger who could be the worst client of all time.

I regularly help my clients with extra things that I don’t charge for but that is my choice to do so and often because it’s something new I am learning or want to test.

Do you have a real job?

Some clients say this because they are clueless but for others, it’s a demeaning putdown, like escorting isn’t a real job…

Recently on an escort website discovery call, I was asked by the escort what else I did for a job? 

I guess my computer degree, 30 years of web development and the 40-60hrs a week working for the 2 digital agencies I own isn’t a real job?

What can I have for $XYZ?

When a client tries this with an escort they are often told to F*CK off. But it seems that it’s OK for escorts to come to Atlantic and say things like, ‘I give you $200 and I want this and this included at no charge’ .

For $200 I can offer 1.5hrs of mentoring and coaching to help you DIY your website. I am not sure what others charge for their services. From the groups I am in I can see web designers are usually $75+USD per hour, web developers anywhere from $100USD to $250 an hour.

Why are you so expensive?

An overnight with a lady in a 3rd world country is around $150.  A Sydney Escort is upwards of $2000.

The cost of living and running a legal business in a country like Australia is expensive so things cost more.    An Australian business has a lot of legal obligations including taxes, GST, and compulsory superannuation.

As a web developer, you receive $0 cash so the tax office knows about every cent.

If you pay a web developer $1000 bear in mind that at least half of that is going to business running costs & the government.

If I am working on something complex that is outside my skill set and I need outside help, the fee for me to hire someone to do this work will be anywhere from $100 – $250 per hour.  


Happy and Safe Journeys!


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