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Ball Drenching Teasing: For Forth Of July!

Ball Drenching Teasing gets naughty when Vixen invites a stranger over for some naughty fun before her Fourth of July party.

My Slutty Confessions
4. Jul 2024
Ball Drenching Teasing: For Forth Of July!

We Were Going To Have Some Ball-Drenching Teasing Fun


It all started yesterday when I met a stranger at the mall. He told me he had no plans for the Fourth of July. How could someone have nothing to do on this day? I couldn't just sit there and hear that he wasn't going to have any fun!  Then told him why not come over to the party I was having. He did not know would get kinky with him. We were going to have some ball-drenching teasing fun.

That put a huge smile on this stud's face. I bet he couldn't believe a hottie like me would even give him the time of the day. But way, not I love getting dirty and this morning I would do some kinky things with this stranger. After that, I told him to show up early in the morning so he could help me get ready for everyone and then we could have some fun and get to know each other.  Then I got the things I needed for the party and headed home. This ball-drenching teasing would be epic.

It was the next day and I was so ready and had been thinking about just what to do with this stranger,  I wanted to get nasty with him. After that, I threw on my lace see-through robe and started to lay things out as I woke up. Next, I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to my front porch to wait for this stronger. I didn't wait long when I saw him pulling up my driveway with a big Chevy truck. Just looking at the truck he had made me want him even more! This stranger didn't know what was about to happen to him. This was turning into some hot-edging ball teasing. 


He Was Down To Five Firecrackers When I Told Him To Come Closer

There was only one thing on my mind today and this morning was how I could give this stranger the most erotic ball-drenching teasing of his life. Motioning for him to come here, he ran up to the front porch, where I was sitting with a box of fireworks I had gotten for him. I told him to go ahead and shoot some off and let me see.

He then grabbed for them pulled out some firecrackers and started to blow them up. See the reason I was letting him shoot them off was causing me to get wet. Honestly, I loved the sounds of the booms. Seeing it every year on the Fourth of July. I was always getting fucked so good when the booms go off. I wanted to do the same things today! Bring in my Fourth of July the right way. I need to give this stranger this ball-drenching teasing. He was down to five firecrackers when I told him to come closer. I wanted him close to me to start being bad.

Gently I grabbed his hand and led him into the house. I pushed him against the door. Pressing my lips to his I made out with him. It felt like nothing else was going on. I nibbled on his bottom lip. Not being able to resist my hand slipped under his pants. This stranger did not stop me instead he grabbed my hand and lead me right to his cock. He was looking me right in my eyes; while my hand slowly wrapped around his cock head.


He Was Going To Have Amazing Ball-Drenching Teasing Now

I felt just how hard and thick he was. This Fourth of July teasing would be so hot! He needed this ball-drenching teasing so badly. I was going to give him the most erotic handjob of his life. This stranger would get more later. Quickly, I dropped right in front of him to my knees on the floor. I placed my hands into his pants and pulled them down. His pants were down to his ankles.

His cock popped right out and was standing straight out for me. I lean down into his cock and spit right out on his cock head. I wanted that cock wet so I could give him the most epic ball-drenching teasing of his life. Gently I wrapped my hands around his cock head and started to jerk it. I slowly moved my hands up and down his cock. Working that cock and balls.

This cock was so hard and I knew there was so much cum built up in his balls. I just had to drench and drain them. I heard some fireworks going off and I couldn't help myself. My hands started to move up and down faster. I was now milking that cock. I wanted to make this stranger blow before the boom stopped. He was going to have amazing ball-drenching teasing now. I then leaned down and licked and sucked on his balls until that cock head flared. He was about to blow for me!

Love intense and wild Fourth of July ball teasing? Come play with me!

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