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Are you worthy of my time? My financial domination phone sex isn’t a game. I love to take you down by taking all your money and more. First I’ll start with your dignity making you see I am the only woman you will ever need. Then I start making you pay me every time we talk. There was no doubt when God made men it was to serve the woman. I mean look at it we are smarter, we are great problem solvers, and we have the pussies that you men just do anything to get. That makes your sex the most pathetic things around. That’s where it all starts.
financial domination phone sex
$2.00 A MIN no limit on draining your wallet
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You are so distraught you can’t help but call me. Any amount of money to try to talk to me You need my approval for everything you do even piss. God put you here for a reason, and it was to serve. Your life is worthless without me plain and simple don’t you agree. Men go to great lengths to get approval from women it’s like its etched into your brain. You have money, and it’s your purpose to hand it over.

Financial domination phone sex
financial domination phone sex Then go out and earn more it’s a cycle, and I am at the top of it. I have my ways of ripping it out of you with some ball busting fun. It doesn’t bother me if it hurts I get my reward your paycheck. This a game that will make you consumed about me. My voice is a song that is played over and over in your head telling you to hand it all over.

It is your job to make sure I am taken care of. Pampering and living a life of luxury entirely at your expense with Financial domination phone sex. Just get down on your knees and beg for me to pay attention to you and if you pay me enough, I just might. Yes, your pathetic life revolves around me it’s only a matter of time before you see it. Take a moment to think but not too long your head may explode and come to the conclusion that I am the only one you need to serve.

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